We’re Moms, marketing junkies, and married (not to each other … to our guys). We’re 100% entrepreneurs, and collectively 100% for the Baltimore Orioles. Alyson still lives in Baltimore and Julie will always call it home, but now lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

But that’s probably not the kind of stuff you really care to know about us.

Here’s the stuff you probably DO want to know …

We are “about” helping you connect with many more of the right people. We’re also “about” helping you convert those right people into paying clients.

We’re pretty passionate about those two things because …

The copy on your website,
in your printed marketing materials, and every
communication you put out there with the world
of your business.

This is how people get to know you. This copy is where people figure out whether or not they’re willing to part with money to work with you.

It MUST connect.

If it does not connect any money you spend on print ads, Facebook, Google Ads, printing, postage, or any other marketing expense is a big fat waste!

But, don’t fret. As the famous saying goes, the answer to any problem is a great sales letter.

Why should you trust us with that copy
(or trust us to teach you to write your own)?

Here are a few reasons …

1 - The results we’ve achieved for our clients PROVE that we know how to do this very well.

  • The first sales letter Alyson ever wrote generated over $8,000.00 in under 3 days to a list barely over 200 people. It's only gone up from there!
  • Julie is the author of the now famous live event "Roving Reporter" email campaign that generated over $59,000.00 in just a few days.
  • Julie wrote the copy for the very first GKIC Fast Implementation Boot Camp (was hired to do so after she left the company as an employee) and DOUBLED the response goal.
  • One client told us that her opt-ins have increased by 21% and she's converting at 25% to the sale - that's, of course, after working with Alyson!

2 - We were BOTH personally trained by Mr. Outrageous Advertising, marketing guru, Bill Glazer.

In case you don’t know Bill, he is the Co-Founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle and also one of the highest paid and most sought after copywriters in the world.

Now here’s the interesting part of our story … we were BOTH the Director of Marketing for GKIC at separate times.

Julie went first and held that spot for 4 years and actually hired Alyson onto the Marketing Team. We were quite the powerhouse team.

From a project crisis perspective, we were (and still are) the people you want in your foxhole. How else could we have survived the daily heart attack of leading the marketing efforts for the largest provider of Information Marketing on the planet? We live and die by deadlines. It’s just the nature of the marketing beast.

3 - We never stop learning, but bring experience in spades that you just won’t find anywhere else.

You’d be hard-pressed to find successful Direct Response Copywriters with our level of experience doing all sorts of things that most copy hacks have never even touched. I’m talking about things like:

  • Newsletter publishing
  • Membership models, acquisition, and retention
  • Event marketing
  • Event execution
  • Direct mail
  • Funnel architecture
  • Email marketing
  • Lumpy Mail

This is experience that adds tremendous value to our clients even if they don’t necessarily use us for these all of these things. The lessons, knowledge, and skills permeate from one marketing area to another.

In other words, we get the big picture. We know what it takes to go from blank page to launched campaign that gets results.

Now, it’s finally time for us to learn a little something about you.

Here are a few options to get this party started …

Copywriting – If you’d like us to create marketing assets for you, a campaign, a sales funnel, or other marketing collateral, click that “Copywriting” link and then schedule a discovery call with one of us where we’ll talk about everything you want to accomplish and get your project started.

Reviews – If you’d like to get our expert eyes on your existing marketing materials to help you improve response, click the “Reviews” link to get that ball rolling.

Resources – If you’re writing your own copy, it’s a good idea to follow a proven formula and a proven process. Click the “Resources” button to check out the tools we’ve created to help you get the best results possible.