Marketing “Rules”

You may or may not know that there are “rules” of engagement when it comes to how your marketing looks.  My air quotes are there because I’m in the “rules are made to be broken” camp.   You too? Perfect.  We’re on the same page. But speaking of pages … There are some rules that […]

A Critical Key To Success In 2017

First – High Five for everything you did right in 2016! Here’s an exercise that will empower you to accomplish even more next year! Let’s celebrate our 2016 accomplishments, shall we? Because if you don’t take the time to celebrate you, who will? Seriously, what are you gonna do … wait for your birthday?  That’s […]

“Only The Disciplined Are FREE”

Not sure who said this, but it’s genius and pretty critical this time of year Here’s How to Stay On Track Amidst The Holiday Cheer ‘Tis the season for taking off early, shopping til you drop (even if it is online), and generally over-filling your todo list.  God help us all, lol.  But there is […]

Get Giving RIGHT This Year

Don’t Be a Grinch This Season For all of us there is a list of SUPER important people associated with our businesses.  And your employees should be at the very TOP of that list.   Employees are as important as your most important members or clients.  They are the oil in the engine that drives […]

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