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Too Much, Too Fast: How Most Entrepreneurs Screw Up Their Sales Message

buy provigil from uk How would it go over with you if you received an email or a letter in the mail that just said “BUY NOW”? It’s not just brash to start a sales conversation that way, it’s slimy.  And it’s certainly counterproductive. Like this guy … He’s clearly going in for the kill waaaaaaaay to soon. If […]

The POWER of A Targeted Direct Response Marketing Campaign

You’ll feel like a superhero once you get a targeted campaign working to bring you business (over and over and over again).There’s a mass movement toward “content output” as a means of driving business that I’d like to weigh in on and offer my perspective. I want you to examine what’s really bringing dollars through the […]

The Anatomy of a Great Offer

The whole reason you’re writing sales copy in the first place is to get the sale.  Am I right, or am I right? Your offer is going to be what entices your customer to take action RIGHT NOW.  It’s what your prospect will use to justify their decision to purchase or not to purchase.  And […]