A Critical Key To Success In 2017

First – High Five for everything you did right in 2016!

Here’s an exercise that will empower you to accomplish even more next year!

Let’s celebrate our 2016 accomplishments, shall we?

Because if you don’t take the time to celebrate you, who will?

Seriously, what are you gonna do … wait for your birthday?  That’s crazy talk.  

Let’s do this right now while we can take a good look at the year behind us.  I’ll start.

But first, let me tell you why I think it’s so important to celebrate your successes as an entrepreneur …

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This business owner thing is hard.  

I mean, it’s not always hard.  Sometimes it’s easy.  But let’s keep it real.  

more helpful hints Being in business is generally not a cake walk.  If it were, everyone would do it.

So, when you’re out there in the world of entrepreneurship, grinding every day … even if you’ve got a team to support you, it can be lonely and frustrating and just plain hard sometimes.

I’m probably sounding like I’m not having much fun in my biz.  On the contrary.  But business ownership is way more demanding than having a J.O.B.  Ammiright, or ammiright?

Anyway, you are measuring, right?  I’m talking about your income, your campaign results, your amount of time off, or whatever you’re working on.  

I am sooooooo one of those people who gets all bummed about the fact that I’m not quite where I want to be yet (even though I’m enjoying the journey).  

And that’s why, purchase provigil if I didn’t measure and compare some important things that have changed (IMPROVED) for me over the past year, I would totally be crying in my beer.  

But since I’m actually looking at the progress, I’m much more in the mood to buy the next round in good cheer.  Know what I mean?

Life’s too short.

Yes, I know, sometimes we could say the opposite, that life is long.  But in this case, life is short and then you die.  Let’s take a minute to stop and smell the roses that we worked hard to grow, shall we?  

Don’t wait until your book is published, until your next seminar, until you reach that $200k or $2M or $12M a year mark.  

Don’t do that.  

Seize this opportunity I’m giving you, in the midst of the hustle bustle time of year … measure, see the progress, and congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come.  Because that’s what happy people do!

And finally …

Seeing this year’s accomplishments will empower you to accomplish even more next year!

This might be the most important reason of all.  If you don’t take a moment to take stock of where you’ve come from and how far you’ve come, you might not realize your potential.  

Let’s do this right now.  Like I said, I’ll start …

First, let’s talk business.

There’s so much to celebrate now that I’m looking for it.  

After 9 years on my own, back in the middle of 2015, I teamed up with the best business partner a girl could ask for … the talented, hardworking, and creative Alyson Lex.  I am beyond blessed to call her a friend and she’s an amazing teammate too.  

Here are a few of our 2016 accomplishments …

    • We TRIPLED our company’s income in comparison to last year.  TRIPLED!!!
    • We created our own proprietary Copywriting System (The Ultimate Sales Generator Copywriting System) which we are extremely proud of … and it sells very well:).
    • We went to a conference with a baby and husbands.  If you have ever tried this and survived then you understand what a big deal this is (Thanks James and Joe and Joey!).
    • We consistently blog
    • We’ve created several funnels
    • We’ve helped over 200 entrepreneurs to write better copy and get better results from their marketing.
    • And we are poised to kick even more ass in 2017 (watch out!)

But there’s more than just business to celebrate.

Since we’re already celebrating, let’s keep the ball rolling and look at our whole selves.  After all, you are not your business.  You’re a person with relationships, a body to look after, finances, dreams, goals, and all that fun stuff.  Let’s celebrate it all.

Here are some other areas of my life that I like to examine.  And remember, we’re focusing hard here on all the positives.  This is not an exercise that’s about shortcomings.  This is all about finding what you’ve done so well and taking the time to be happy about those things.

This is how it looks for me …

  • PHYSICAL HEALTH/FITNESS:  I’m working on it!  Finally, after years of not doing much, in 2016 I’ve become much more focused on my health and wellness.  No great weightloss to report as I didn’t need that.  But I have more energy and I feel better.  That’s a win.
  • FINANCES:  1 – I’ve just put my kids through $25,000.00 worth of fancy dancy (shmancy) early education over the past year.  2 – My husband and I have paid off another $20,000.00 in debt in the last year.  Instead of focusing on the fact that there’s still a little bit left for us to tackle, I’m going to focus on the fact that WE’RE ALMOST DONE WITH DEBT!!!  Can I get an amen?
  • RELATIONAL:  I’ve made some new good friends.  I was new in town with one friend here 2 and a half years ago.  Now I know lots of people and I’ve got a good handful of friends in Virginia Beach that are real keepers.  My heart is full.
  • SPIRITUALLY:  I’m working on it!  We’ve never had a real church “home” but my kids crave it and my guy and I sure do like going to church.  After years of not putting energy into this, we are now officially on the hunt.  Progress.
  • MARRIAGE:  It’s stronger and better than it’s ever been.  Just had our 10 year anniversary and we still love each other.  So that’s pretty cool.  We have worked hard at our marriage over the last decade and my husband finally understands that I’m right.  It’s amazing.  Kidding, of course.  He was right a couple times this year.  
  • PARENTING:  We had our first diaper-free summer this year.  That right there is a prize in and of itself.  My 6 year old is a great reader and a talented artist and she is learning so many important life skills right now.  I’m happy to say that instead of wringing her neck, we’ve decided to work together as a team to help her learn the important stuff like waiting (God help me), not interrupting, and letting others have a turn at talking.  My 3 year old cries a lot less this year than he did last year:).  He also seems to have a million more words and as it turns out, a happy little personality.  It is such a privilege to parent these little creatures.  I hope I can keep em alive and fill their brains and hearts with all the necessary ingredients that make up healthy, productive members of society.  My cup runneth over.

I hope I haven’t bored you with all of that personal stuff.  I know this is supposed to be about business.  

But like I said, you are NOT your business.  You’re a whole person with a life outside of business too.  At least I sure do hope there’s more for you like there is for me.  Otherwise, what’s it all for?

Anyway, my point in listing this simple progress report is that you don’t have to have your business fully scaled, live in your dream home, drive your dream car, and make a bajillion dollars a year with rock solid abs to have A LOT to celebrate.

Now, how will I reward myself?  

How will you reward yourself?

Don’t skip this part.  It’s important.

Some people like things.  But with Christmas (and my birthday) right around the corner and the amount of times I’ve already told my husband what boots and sunglasses and kitchen gadgets I want, I think I’ll opt for an experience.

A trip?  A weekend?  A big fancy night out with like a babysitter and all that jazz?

Yeah, something like that.  That’s what I’ll do.

How will you celebrate?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

But put this on your calendar.  YOU DESERVE IT!

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