Your 4th Quarter Business Growth Opportunities

Have you given up on creating big wins in your business this year because we’re already into Q4 and you haven’t planned anything yet?  

Don’t give up.  

It’s not too late!  You are still very much “in the game” for 2016.  

navigate to this website In fact, if you employ the right resources you could execute on a cash surge plan for your business in under 2 hours.

But let’s take a moment to evaluate your circumstances and formulate a gameplan to salvage your goals for this year (if need be), or figure out what Q4 goals you should make to 2016 a record breaker for your business.  Because …

There’s still time to make your 2016 dreams come true!

Let’s start by examining the goals you set for this year back in January.  Maybe your business has changed since then and the goals you set are now irrelevant.  That happens.  But assuming that the goals you set back then are still relevant to your overall business plans … how’s it going? Did you intend to hit a certain revenue goal and you’re far off track from hitting it?  

While you can’t go back and change what happened before now, you can take the bull by the horns make some changes today to finish strong.

Let’s look at the math …

If you wanted to have a $2 million consulting practice (or whatever kind of practice you have), how many clients per month does it take to make that happen?

In order to get that answer you need to know what each client is worth to you.  If every client you get has a value of $12,500 (just for example), then you need 160 clients to meet your $2 million dollar goal.  If you break that down monthly, you’re looking at over 13 clients per month.

You might not be able to handle 13 clients per month if what you do is extremely intensive and requires a lot of your time.  If it does, you might consider raising your prices immediately to compensate for this.  If you determine you can only handle 7 clients per month then you’ll need to DOUBLE your fees.  

Is that possible for you? If not, order gabapentin online reddit can you make offers outside of what you’ve been offering?

Your math might look very different.  We all have our own ideas of success and plans for what we want to achieve in business.  But it might be time to think outside the box and figure out what you can do to flood your business with cash while you’ve still got daylight left in the year because … 

You DO Have Time!

Here are some ideas that might work for you …

  • A COACH could offer a splintered product (a piece of an info-product) at a discount only this month.  What I love about this idea, is that you likely have most of the copy and work done in order to execute this promotion and get this cash.  You might just need to massage your old copy a little to work for this splinter offer.
  • A CHIROPRACTOR could easily offer massage if there’s an unused room in the office.  If you’re a Chiropractor and you already offer massage, consider a massive package discount for those who buy the package before Thanksgiving (a great holiday gift promotion).  
  • A DENTIST could hire a temp hygienist to handle a ton of whitening appointments that you’ll get from a half price campaign.  
  • An ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR could optimize a funnel with an upsell campaign.  If you’re not currently offering an upsell in all of your funnels, this is a big missed opportunity.  The easiest customer to get is the one you’ve already got.  So, get that upsell page written and put it in play this week!

Okay, so YOUR business category isn’t listed here.   Please connect the dots on your own.  The point is that it’s time right now to figure out what campaign you can put in place to at least make October, November, and December kick a lot of @ss.  You can do it!

I know it might feel like you don’t have time.  I get it.  You’re busy.  But seriously … sleep when you’re dead :).  I think you’ll be a lot happier knowing you did everything you could to finish 2016 strong, even if you had to work longer and harder than most.

Get creative, come up with an offer, write the copy (or reach out to us to write it for you) and hit send already.  

Clock’s ticking.

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