Too Much, Too Fast: How Most Entrepreneurs Screw Up Their Sales Message

How would it go over with you if you received an email or a letter in the mail that just said “BUY NOW”?

It’s not just brash to start a sales conversation that way, it’s slimy.  And it’s certainly counterproductive.

Like this guy …

Hold on there, sleazy weazy! He’s clearly going in for the kill waaaaaaaay to soon.

If your prospect is even remotely still paying attention to you after you do this, they’ll at least be left with quite a lot of questions …

Buy what?

Why should I?

How do I know this thing or service will really work?

Why does it cost so much?

What if it doesn’t work for me?

These are all questions you need
to answer with thoughtful copy.

But you wouldn’t just not start with “BUY NOW”.  You would also NOT start by answering the “what if it doesn’t work for me” question.

buy prednisone with paypal It’s just too early to solve someone’s problem before you’ve even gotten their attention or demonstrated that you fully understand the problem they’re having.

Think of it this way: your prospect is having an issue, but browse around this website like a teenager behaves toward his parents … your prospect is hardheaded and quick to tune you out as if you know nothing.

So start at the beginning with a big bold attention getting promise (a.k.a. – your screaming hot headline).

You’ve got to at least grab them enough to snap them out of whatever they were doing 3 seconds ago.  This is no easy task.  Our brains have to work to filter out a lot of noise.

So take the whole attention grabbing thing seriously.

After you have their attention, you’ll need to then develop a rapport by demonstrating that you get what’s going on in your prospect’s world.

And this part is pretty critical … you do NOT really have their attention if you haven’t shown them yet that you get it.

This translates to every single industry I’ve ever written in … financial, dental, chiropractic – all professional practitioners … coaches, and info-businesses too.

If they don’t think you get it,
they don’t care what you have to say.

That is why so much time and energy is spent exploring the prospect’s pain in long form copy.

It’s not just about “poking the bruise.”  Remember your huffy teenager …

Teenager = same mentality as your prospect

How could YOU possibly understand any of his problems?

You’ll show him that you get it with a story (or two).  You’ll share that you’ve helped other people like him.  You’ll say that you remember, that you empathize, that you know how hard it is.

Say it all.  Don’t leave anything out.

This is how you can finally get your prospect to pick their head up, filter out the rest of the noise, and start paying attention to your offer.

Once you have their attention, you can begin walking them through the buying process in the rest of your copy. And obviously, there’s a lot more to be done after you’ve connected with your audience in this way.

In fact, the order in which you present your sales message is paramount (for all of the reasons listed above), but mostly because you have to get your prospects ready to hear your pitch … only when the student is ready will the master appear.  Right?

(I have no idea if that’s really a saying.  It sounds cool though and I know it to be true … in teenage-hood, in life in general, and certainly in the world of sales.)

Obviously, long form sales copy goes well beyond getting attention and demonstrating your understanding of the problem. After that you’ll walk them through and past their objections, present them with social proof, give them a clear CTA… all in the right order so that you’re crafting the story they need to hear in order to make the decision to buy.

And that ALL starts with a headline. It all starts with a big promise that you’re going to spend the rest of your letter showing them how you can achieve.

Your task now …

Ensure that you really do grab your market’s attention with a great headline and keep it by showing them that you truly understand the problem they face.

If you’d like an easy way to create headlines that really work, use our 30-Second Headline Generator.  It’s a super simple method for creating 6 powerful headlines fast.

Download it right here:

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